Oct 13, 2010

Butter/Sugar/Butter/Sugar=Best Dessert in the Ouest!!!

Whenever I try to describe Kouign Aman (literally butter cake in Breton regional language), I mention multiple layers of butter and sugar alternatively kneaded on a bread dough the way a puff pastry dough is usually made... This decadent cake is the best dessert ever baked in the West (of France, originated from Brittany). My opinion might slightly be bias by the fact that I spent my youth eating it during my summer holidays for 15 years...

OK, by doing so, you have to accept the fact that you might not be the best looking guy on the beach...That is your choice. I made mine ;-)

Frankly speaking, making a Kouign Aman is difficult and require a lot of know how. The best way is to buy it in a bakery in Douarnenez, hometown of this dessert. If you are not around, here is a list of resources you might find useful if you want to give it a try...


First is a video published by L'Atelier des Chefs, a French company who offers cooking lessons for amateurs.

Second one is this recipe (not tested yet by Le Chef Bleu but should be soon...) in English which seems very popular - and successful - amongst bloggers all over the world...
Third one caught my eye by the way the cake is presented : the finished dough (before baking) is rolled as a log, then cut into 1-inch cylinders. Those are placed snail side top side by side then baked at it.

Last one is similar with the use of circle or square rings for individual portions...But you can have two!

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