Nov 13, 2010

Anise Bredele, Alsatian Christmas Cookies

A brief history first : Christmas specialties, "bredele" or "bredle" are delicious little cookies which may be made with butter ("butterbredle"), or flavored with anise ("anisbredle"), orange or cinnamon. Their various shapes evoke the holiday season and range from stars and fir trees to angels, bells and hearts (from 
I mentionned Albarock in one of my previous post, an Alsatian pastry chef shooting short videos right from the stove for hands-on live sweet experiences! 

This time, I notice this recipe of small cookies, looking slightly similar to macaron halves : there is no almond flour though but they share the same secret... Let's them stand for a while before baking them to obtain a solid crust on top...
The demo video is in French but images talk for themselves and the list of ingredients are written in English (since the batch prepared by Albarock yields hundreds of cookies, you may have to divide quantities though if you have no plan to sell them around the world!!! )

In Albarock's recipe, a pipping bbag is used to give a perfect and consistant shape to ther cookies. On the other hand, it doesn't allow traditional Christmas cookie shapes such as star, Christmas tree, angel, etc... But I find another recipe (in French) which allows it. You just have to form a dough roll, roll it and use cutters to form shapes. I will test it first soon and translate it to you in English if successful...

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