Dec 23, 2010

Tuiles à l'Orange

This recipe has been tested and work just fine, the dough is very easy to handle and the tuiles are very resistant. Virtually no breakage, just one on a batch of 72... and it might have been voluntarily just to have a good excuse to taste one....

  • Sugar 200g
  • Orange juice 75g
  • Butter 75g
  • Flour 50g
  • Chopped almonds 100g

  • Mix sugar and orange juice. Add melted butter. Incorporate sifted flour and chopped almonds. Don't overwork. Rest for a night.
  • Using a round template, spread and shape the tuile using a spatula on a Silpat. Bake at 300 F. until golden brown.
  • Out from the oven, unstick with a spatula. You can let it flat or use a rolling pin to get a rounded shape.
  • Store in a metallic box for a few weeks

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