Nov 5, 2011

Apple Tarte Tatin in a Cylinder

Once in a while, I watch a few episodes in a row of my favorite cooking show on TV5 Monde, recorded and sometimes forgot for months... This time, the author was in Cherbourg, Normandy, where a pastry chef, Jean Francois Foucher, was preparing a modern version of the famous Apple Tarte Tatin. I made a few shot screens of this dessert and will write some instructions I remember...
The chef starts to poach slices Boskoop apples in a light syrup with orange zests and tonka beans. When soft, he will stack them in a high rim ring and press to form a cylinder. The pectine contained in the apple will act as a natural glue. A circle of thin baked puff pastry is inserted at the bottom, and a quenelle of  Normand crème fraiche added at the top. Once the ring removed, you will enjoy translucent beige and brown multiple layers of apple.

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